Monday, January 30, 2017

Baltimore Museum of Art

While at the Baltimore Museum of Art three pieces in particular stood out to me; Mont Sainte-Victoire Seen from Bibémus Quarry by Paul Cézanne, Head of a Woman by Alexei Jawlensky, and Chur by Sascha Braunig. From the section focused on modern art, I would like to focus this post on Chur. 
Using concepts that we are currently practicing in class, Chur uses the repetition of the same line to form an image that entices the viewer. While observing Chur in the museum I envisioned the piece as a brain centered on a background of the pattern that shaped the brain (I know that's kind of a confusing explanation). However when I went back and reexamined the image for the purpose of this post I saw a face in the construction of the object that I originally viewed as a brain and this captured my attention.
In class we looked at pieces from famous artist who were able to manipulate pieces to depict different objects. However, seeing this tactic first-hand was a much different experience than looking at the pieces on the computer. I was amazed, and thought it was interesting to get to see  first-hand different techniques expressed in class.

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