Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Escaping Flatland Reflection

This piece confused me quite a bit as I struggled to grasp the concepts and examples provided by Tufte. Using examples such as a travel guide and frog I was able to somewhat understand the idea of escaping flatland, in which artists attempted to have their images appear two or three-dimensional rather than as flat pieces on a page. However, where I got lost was when he began to talk about Galileo, the sunspots, and geometry. Working to earn a Bachelor of Arts, I am not a science or a math person. This made it difficult for me to grasp the concepts that Tufte was trying to get across and left me confused at the end of the piece. I took Introduction to Universe last semester so you would think that would help me in understanding the concepts but it did not. From the understanding that I did gain in this topic, it was the idea that we can turn a life image into a one-dimensional design on paper, but we can then turn that one-dimensional design back into a four-dimensional design. Like I said I struggle to follow the message of Tufte so I am not sure if my understanding of the piece is accurate and I was left with much confusion and unanswered questions when I finished reading.

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